Cal Water news release

Se completó el proyecto de construcción del tanque en el distrito Bayshore

NoticiasCal Water ha completado la construcción de un nuevo tanque de almacenamiento de agua en el distrito Bayshore en 28th Avenue, entre 31st Avenue y Sunset Terrace en San Mateo. La construcción del tanque se empezó en diciembre de 2015.

The new tank will immediately improve the reliability of the water system and provide increased water flow during emergency events. Additionally, the new concrete tank will hold 3.86 million gallons and measures 35 feet tall and 161 feet in diameter. Concrete tanks have a lower maintenance cost than welded steel tanks, which require routine recoating.

"We recognized a need within our community for increased emergency storage and saw this new tank as the most effective solution," said District Manager Ross Moilan. "Our community can be assured they will have the water they need when they need it."