Cal Water news release

Comienza un proyecto de reemplazo de tubería principal en Marysville

NoticiasCal Water comenzará un proyecto de reemplazo de tubería principal este mes en coordinación con la ciudad de Marysville como parte de una renovación extensa del sistema de agua que mejorará su confiabilidad y la resistencia de la infraestructura.

To reduce the financial impact of this infrastructure improvement project, Cal Water has timed construction to coincide with the City's work to rebuild the storm drainage system and widen the street. This eliminates the need for Cal Water to pave the road, as street paving will be part of the construction project managed by the city.

Cal Water will install about 1,000 feet of new water main along 12th Street, from J to H Streets. Additionally, all homes and businesses along the construction route will have their existing water service lines upgraded with new pipes. Construction is expected to take four to five weeks, weather permitting. At the conclusion of the project, crews will restore landscaped areas.

"We're pleased to work alongside the City of Marysville on this project to more efficiently and cost-effectively upgrade critical water infrastructure in this area," said Local Manager Robert Thompson. "And, by ensuring that our customers have safe, reliable water service anytime they need it and our firefighters have the water supplies they need to protect our community, we can continue to deliver on our promise to provide quality, service, and value in Marysville."

Cal Water's contractor, West Valley Construction, will be working Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Portions of the work will involve trenching in the streets; trenches will be filled at the end of each day and covered with temporary paving, until permanent paving is applied at the completion of the project.