Cal Water news release

Comienza la construcción de pozo en Bakersfield

NoticiasCal Water comenzó un nuevo proyecto de mejora de la infraestructura para satisfacer las necesidades de agua cotidianas y en casos de emergencias de la comunidad, así como disminuir el posible impacto del clima y cortes de electricidad. La empresa de servicios públicos está construyendo un nuevo pozo de agua que suministrará entre 1.5 millones a 2 millones de galones de agua por día a Bakersfield clientes. The utility will also install a generator to help ensure the well station remains in power during unexpected outages.

"This project reflects our commitment to provide industry-leading water service and will reduce our dependence on more costly purchased surface water," Cal Water District Manager Mike Mares said. "The new well station will provide a reliable supply of safe, high-quality water to residents and businesses for generations to come and sufficient resources for firefighters to protect our community in emergencies."

Construction will generally occur Monday to Saturday from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.; however, some portions of the drilling work will need to be done around the clock. Customers will be notified in advance of extended work hours, and sound walls will be erected around the work site to minimize disruption to the community. Additionally, street improvements will be made along the front side of the site, including street widening and installation of a pedestrian sidewalk and storm drains.