Cal Water news release

El proyecto de reemplazo de tubería principal comienza en el distrito Chico

NoticiasCal Water comenzó un proyecto de mejora de la infraestructura el día de hoy que optimizará la confiabilidad en el sistema y la protección contra incendios para los residentes del área de Hamilton City, los negocios y los servicios de emergencia. Se espera que el proyecto esté terminado en un plazo de seis a ocho semanas.

"This water system upgrade is an important investment in our drinking water infrastructure that will protect against leaks, ensure continued delivery of high-quality drinking water, and provide firefighters with the supplies they need to protect our community both now and for years to come," said District Manager George Barber. "This proactive water main replacement is just one part of our commitment to providing quality, service, and value to our customers."

The project will include the installation of approximately 2,400 feet of six-inch PVC pipe to increase flow and improve reliability through the water distribution system. El PVC no suele oxidarse ni corroerse, y se considera que es más económico que otras alternativas. The upgrade will also include the replacement of two fire hydrants.

Residents will be notified in advance of any planned interruptions to their water service as the main is tied into the system, and temporary asphalt will be used throughout the duration of construction for the convenience and safety of residents. Once construction is completed, permanent pavement will be applied.