Cal Water news release

Comienza el proyecto de mejora de la infraestructura en Bakersfield

NoticiasCal Water ha comenzado un nuevo proyecto de mejora de la infraestructura para interconectar tuberías con la Kern County Water Agency. Este proyecto garantizará una presión de agua constante para los residentes y mejorará la resistencia del suministro de agua en épocas de sequía.

“This project is the latest example of our commitment to delivering high-quality water service and value to Bakersfield residents,” said Cal Water District Manager Mike Mares. “Residents, particularly in the South San Lauren area, south of Hageman Road and west of Mohawk Street will experience more consistent and dependable water pressure as a result of this upgrade, especially during daily hours of higher demand.”

The connection of the existing water system to an additional water source will help mitigate pressure fluctuations in the distribution system. The Kern County Water Agency water source is treated surface water instead of groundwater from wells, adding resiliency to the water supply during times of drought.

Construction will take place west of Mohawk Street, north of Latina Drive, and will include the installation of 55 feet of 10-inch ductile iron pipe as well as a new pressure-control valve and flow meter. The project is expected to take two to three weeks.