Cal Water news release

Mejora de la infraestructura finalizada en el sur de Oroville

NoticiasCal Water ha completado una renovación en la infraestructura de agua en South Oroville que fortalecerá la confiabilidad en el sistema de agua y la resistencia de la infraestructura para las necesidades diarias de los clientes y, a su vez, mejorará la protección contra incendios en el área para que los bomberos protejan a la comunidad en caso de emergencia.

The infrastructure improvement project, which took place on Faunce Way and along a portion of Ithaca Street, began in early May and was completed in July. The upgrade included the installation of 520 feet of new 8-inch PVC water main and 120 feet of new 6-inch PVC water main. Crews also installed 13 new, individual service line connections and two new fire hydrants.

"This water system upgrade will help protect against leaks, ensure we can continue to deliver safe, high-quality drinking water, and provide fire protection to south Oroville residents and businesses for years to come," said District Manager George Barber. "These improvements are an example of our proactive, strategic investment in the water infrastructure so we can fulfill our promise to deliver quality, service, and value to our customers."

After construction was completed, crews conducted water quality testing before connecting individual services lines to the new water main. Crews also extended pavement replacement and restored all streets, sod, and landscaping impacted by the construction to as close to the previous condition as possible.