Cal Water news release

Cal Water Partners with University to Replace 850 Toilets

Early estimates suggest water savings of 125 million gallons

Cal Water has begun replacing 850 toilets around the University of the Pacific's campus with new, water-efficient commodes as part of the University's initiative to be more environmentally friendly. The new toilets will require 1.28 gallons per flush (gpf), whereas the older toilets used up to six gpf, saving an estimated 125 million gallons over the fixtures' lifetime.

This toilet replacement project is being performed though Cal Water's conservation and rebate program, which is offered to its commercial, industrial, and residential customers. It is one of the largest replacement projects to date for the utility, according to Ken Jenkins, Cal Water's Director of Drought Management and Conservation.

Contractor Southwest Environmental will be completing the installations and using American Standard, Niagra, ProFlo, and Sloan models, all of which are EPA WaterSense-approved. The replacements are expected to be completed by the end of August.

"By utilizing this program and partnering with us, the University will make a meaningful reduction in its water use and be a model in water-use efficiency for other institutions," Jenkins said. "Building lasting, efficient water-use habits and using resources available to our customers are important as we look ahead to the State's long-term conservation regulations."

Businesses and residents in Cal Water's service area can visit this site's Rebates and Programs page to support their efforts to use water wisely.