Cal Water news release

Comienza el proyecto de infraestructura en Kern River Valley

Cal Water ha comenzado una renovación en la infraestructura del agua en el sistema de Kernville para mejorar la calidad del agua de los clientes en el área. Las cuadrillas están instalando unidades de tratamiento con carbón activado granular (GAC) en la estación de servicios de Sirretta Street para tratar los componentes adicionales en el suministro de agua.

The project began this month after a pilot treatment project reduced the potential for disinfection byproducts to form. Levels of disinfection byproducts had risen in a small area of Kernville due to higher levels of naturally occurring total organic carbon (TOC) in the Kern River, Cal Water's local water source, combining with the disinfection needed to make the water safe to use and drink. Cal Water expects to complete the permanent treatment facility in December.

“This water infrastructure upgrade is an important step to ensure we can deliver safe and reliable water service to local residents and businesses,” said Local Manager Jon Yasin. “Investments in our infrastructure such as this are the cornerstone of our promise to deliver quality, service, and value to our customers, and we look forward to continuing to provide the reliable, high-quality water service that our customers expect and deserve.”

The work will be performed Monday through Friday between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Crews will make every effort to minimize any impact to the community during construction, and traffic control will be implemented as needed to help residents and crews travel safely through the area. Crews will also work with residents in the immediate construction area to ensure they have access to their driveways.

Water service is not expected to be interrupted during the project; however, if it becomes necessary to do so temporarily, crews will make every effort to notify residents beforehand.