Cal Water news release

Proyecto de mejora de infraestructura en el sur de Oroville

Actualización en la infraestructura del agua en el sur de OrovilleCal Water ha completado una renovación en la infraestructura de agua en South Oroville que fortalecerá la confiabilidad en el sistema de agua y la resistencia de la infraestructura para las necesidades diarias de los clientes y las necesidades de emergencia de los bomberos.

The project, which began in October and was completed this month, included the installation of 2,511 feet of new 6-inch and 8-inch PVC water main to replace smaller, aging main originally installed in the 1930s. Installation took place on Burlington Avenue, from Wyandotte Avenue to D Street, and on portions of B, C, and D Streets. Crews also installed eight new fire hydrants and 61 new individual customer service connections.

"The installation of a new, larger water main and service connections will enable us to continue to deliver a reliable supply of safe, high-quality drinking water to our customers while also helping first responders protect our community in an emergency," said District Manager George Barber. "This important water system upgrade is an important part of our promise to provide quality, service, and value to Oroville residents and businesses, both now and for decades to come."