Cal Water news release

Construcción de un nuevo pozo de agua en Compton

NoticiasCal Water comenzó una renovación de infraestructura del sistema de agua en Compton que fortalecerá la confiabilidad en el sistema de agua y la resistencia de la infraestructura para las necesidades diarias de los clientes y las necesidades de emergencia de los bomberos.

Se espera que el proyecto esté terminado en abril e incluye la construcción de un nuevo pozo de agua en la propiedad de Cal Water en Walnut Street. The well installation is the first part of a multi-phase infrastructure improvement upgrade that also includes the construction of a water treatment facility and associated water pipelines. The well is expected to produce up to 1,600 gallons of water per minute and is the second well to be constructed in the utility's Dominguez system in the past 20 years.

"This important water system improvement project will increase water supply reliability for our customers, enhance fire protection for first responders, and reduce the community's dependence on more costly water purchased from our wholesale water provider," said District Manager Dan Armendariz. "This proactive upgrade is just one part of our promise to deliver quality, service, and value to Compton residents and businesses, both now and for decades to come."

Crews will make every effort to minimize noise during construction, which will primarily take place Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Certain activities will require crews to drill continually until that specific operation is completed, and residents will be notified prior to any uninterrupted construction work. Crews will also install a 24-foot-tall sound barrier to ensure any noise remains below the limit set by the city of Compton. Street traffic is not expected to be impacted, and crews will work to minimize any on-street parking impacts to the surrounding businesses.