Cal Water news release

Beneficios de la renovación de infraestructura para los clientes de Willows

Hoy marca la finalización de la renovación de la infraestructura de agua más reciente de Cal Water en Willows para garantizar que los clientes y los servicios de emergencia continúen contando con el agua que necesitan tanto para sus necesidades diarias como las de emergencia. El proyecto forma parte del compromiso de Cal Water de brindar un servicio de agua seguro y confiable a los residentes del área.

In September, crews began installing 1,650 feet of 8-inch PVC water main and 27 individual customer service connections. Crews also installed four new fire hydrants as part of the project. Construction took place on Green Street, from Crestwood Way to North Lassen Street, and on North Lassen Street, from Green Street to Glenwood Lane.

"Our essential workers are committed to delivering a reliable water supply to Willows residents for their drinking, cooking, handwashing, and other household needs. This infrastructure upgrade will help prevent future leaks and water service disruptions while ensuring firefighters have access to the water they need to protect the community in an emergency," said District Manager Evan Markey. "Proactive infrastructure upgrades such as this one are a critical part of our promise to deliver quality, service, and value to our customers."

Mejora de infraestructura en Willows