Cal Water news release

Se completó el proyecto de mejora de la infraestructura en Salinas

Construcción en SalinasComo parte de su compromiso permanente de garantizar que la infraestructura del sistema hídrico siga siendo segura y confiable en el distrito de Salinas, Cal Water ha finalizado un proyecto de reemplazo de tubería de agua en el centro de Salinas. Esta mejora garantiza que los clientes y bomberos continúen teniendo el agua que necesitan tanto para sus necesidades diarias como las de emergencia.

The project included the installation of 3,650 feet of new 16-inch ductile iron water main and 36 new individual customer service connections. Four replacement fire hydrants were also installed. The project took place under Highway 101, from 512 N. Main St. to the other side of the highway, then continuing on Santa Clara Avenue and North Main Street and connecting to Cal Water's existing water main at East Bernal Drive. Construction also took place on North Main Street from Highway 101, connecting to the existing water main at West Rossi Street. Final paving is still being completed.

“Our crews are committed to ensuring that a reliable supply of safe, clean water remains accessible to Salinas residents for their drinking, cooking, handwashing, and other household needs, both now and for years to come,” said Interim District Manager Marc Bloom. “We would like to thank our customers and neighbors for their patience during the construction as we worked to improve the water system.”