Mejora del sistema de agua de Los Altos completada

NoticiasCal Water ha completado un proyecto de reemplazo de tubería principal de agua en su distrito Los Altos que fortalecerá la confiabilidad en el sistema de agua, la resistencia de la infraestructura y la protección contra incendios en el área.

Crews installed about 2,200 feet of new 8-inch water main on Covington Road, from Miramonte Avenue to Spencer Way, in the city of Los Altos and installed eight new fire hydrants in the area.

"At Cal Water, we're committed to ensuring our water system remains reliable, both for everyday and emergency needs, and we're pleased to complete this major infrastructure improvement project," said District Manager Ron Richardson. "With this water system upgrade, our customers will continue to receive the water they need when they need it, and our firefighters will have the resources they need to protect our community."