Cal Water news release

Se completan obras de mejora en la infraestructura de agua en Hamilton City

Reemplazo de la tubería principal en Hamilton CityCal Water completó este viernes una mejora de la infraestructura del agua en Hamilton City que fortalecerá la confiabilidad en el sistema de agua y la resistencia de la infraestructura para las necesidades diarias de los clientes y las necesidades de emergencia de los bomberos.

The project, which started in December, included the installation of approximately 3,150 feet of new 6-inch and 8-inch PVC water main and 35 new customer service connections. The previous main was installed in the 1930s and reaching the end of its useful life. Crews also installed six new fire hydrants in coordination with the Hamilton City Fire Protection District to improve access for first responders. Construction took place on Capay Avenue, between 1st Street and 3rd Street; Los Robles Avenue, between 1st Street and West 4th Street; and 2nd Street, between the Capay Avenue alley and Los Robles Avenue. Services were also replaced at Hamilton City Elementary school.

"At Cal Water, we strive to be good stewards of our customers' resources while also replacing infrastructure before problems arise. The former pipe served our community well and for a long time, but it needed to be replaced," said Interim District Manager Tavis Beynon. "In addition to ensuring our customers continue to have a reliable and high-quality water supply around the clock, we saw this project as an opportunity to also partner with the Fire Protection District and rework the placement of our services and fire hydrants to optimize the flow to firefighters, so we will be better protected in advance of fire season."