Cal Water news release

Casi $175,000 otorgados en el Programa de subvención para bomberos 2021

NoticiasComo parte de su compromiso de brindar apoyo a los departamentos de bomberos en sus áreas de servicio, hoy Cal Water dio a conocer a los beneficiarios de su tercer programa anual de subvención para bomberos. Ocho departamentos de bomberos recibieron $174,500 en total para comprar o financiar equipos que ayudarán a proteger la vida y los bienes.

The 2021 grant recipients were selected based on need for items to protect first responders or the communities in which Cal Water serves. The recipients include:

  • Chico Fire Department-for wildland firefighting web gear that will help firefighters carry drinking water, tools, safety equipment, and supplies
  • Dixon Fire Department-for a rapid inflatable rescue raft, specifically designed for standing water rescues, that can carry multiple passengers
  • Kern County Fire Department-for 17 sets of hoses and nozzles to extinguish fires quicker and more effectively
  • Los Angeles County Fire Department-for a HeloPod, an automatic-filling, high-capacity, helicopter dip source and cistern so helicopters fighting wildfires can fill their water tanks faster and conduct more water drops per hour
  • Oroville Fire Department-for two state-of-the-art, battery-powered hydraulic vehicle extrication tools to help rescue patients from vehicles faster
  • Selma Fire Department-for new firefighting hose nozzles that will replace old, deteriorating nozzles
  • South San Francisco Fire Department-to replace old wildland firefighting pants with safer, more functional pants for each firefighter
  • Willows Fire Department-to replace outdated personal protective equipment, such as structural firefighting pants, coats, boots, helmets, and gloves, for six firefighters

"Our partnership with the firefighters in our service areas extends beyond providing the water they need to protect our communities; as they put their lives on the line for us, we want to support them as best we can," said Martin A. Kropelnicki, President and CEO. "With many fire departments stretched for resources, we are glad that our Firefighter Grant Program can help them obtain the equipment they need to be safe and protect others, especially as we have seen the frequency and severity of fires grow year after year due to climate change."

The firefighter grants are part of parent company California Water Service Group's philanthropic giving program and do not affect customers' rates.