Cal Water news release

Los distritos de Cal Water encabezan los ahorros de agua en junio 2022

NoticiasAs Californians have begun heeding the call for conservation amid the worsening drought, Cal Water and its customers made strides in reducing water use across its service areas during June 2022. Company-wide, Cal Water reduced water use by 11.6% compared to June 2020, with seven of its districts among the top water-saving systems in the state.

Last week, the State Water Resources Control Board published its conservation data for June 2022, with statewide water use 7.6% lower than June 2020; the figure more than doubled the statewide savings in May 2022. Cal Water lauded its customers' efforts to conserve water, which resulted in 52% higher savings than the June 2022 statewide average, and urged customers to continue their water-efficient practices and take advantage of Cal Water rebates and free programs to achieve more conservation in the months ahead.

"Summer is typically when the greatest opportunity for water savings exists, because so much water use occurs outdoors," said Martin A. Kropelnicki, President and CEO. "We are encouraged by our customers' conservation progress in June and remind them that we are here to help, so that-together-we can see even greater savings through the remainder of the summer months."

Of the more than 420 water systems in California, the State recognized 72 systems that reduced water use by at least 15% in June. Cal Water districts comprised 10% of these top performers; those districts include:

  • Antelope Valley, ahorro de 21.1%
  • Bakersfield, ahorro de 16.9%
  • East Los Angeles, ahorro de 17.2%
  • Los Altos, ahorro de 24.6%
  • Marysville, ahorro de 18.9%
  • Westlake, ahorro de 33.4%
  • Willows, ahorro de 18.7%

Conservation savings for all Cal Water districts is available at Customers can get more information about conservation rebates and programs, drought resources, and water restrictions at