Cal Water news release

Aumento de la conservación por tercer mes consecutivo

Con la colaboración de sus clientes, el mes pasado Cal Water logró aumentar la disminución del consumo de agua por tercer mes consecutivo. As customers continued to heed the Governor's call to conserve water, Cal Water reduced water use company-wide by 12.4% in July 2022 compared to July 2020, with 10 of its districts saving more than 15%.

All of Cal Water's districts reduced water use this July compared to July 2020, showing that customers are curtailing their water use, particularly outdoors, even as temperatures rise. Cal Water has urged customers to continue their water-efficient practices and take advantage of its rebates and free programs to achieve more conservation in the months ahead.

"We commend our customers' conservation progress and their willingness to embrace golden lawns last month," said Martin A. Kropelnicki, President and CEO. "As the drought worsens, we remain here to help customers keep saving more water every day, especially outdoors through the remainder of the hot summer months, when more conservation can be achieved."

In May 2022, Cal Water customers throughout the state reduced their water use by 6.5%, and by 11.6% in June, compared to those same months in 2020. July's reduction of 12.4% continues the trend of increased conservation.

The 10 Cal Water service areas that conserved more than 15% include:

  • Antelope Valley, ahorro de 33.2%
  • Dixon, ahorro de 22.5%
  • Livermore, ahorro de 16.8%
  • Los Altos, ahorro de 24.0%
  • Marysville, ahorro de 19.7%
  • Mid-Peninsula, saving 16.4%
  • Oroville, ahorro de 30.3%
  • Palos Verdes, ahorro de 18.0%
  • Westlake, ahorro de 39.7%
  • Willows, ahorro de 17.4%

Conservation savings for all Cal Water districts is available at Customers can get more information about drought resources, conservation rebates and programs, and water restrictions at