Cal Water news release

Proyecto de mejora de infraestructura en King City 

Cal Water acaba de completar un proyecto complejo en mejoras de infraestructura, en nuestro distrito de King City. El proyecto incluyó la instalación de unos 400 pies de una nueva tubería principal de 12 pulgadas y una cámara y válvula de control en San Antonio Road para aumentar la confiabilidad del suministro de agua y mejorar la protección contra incendios en la zona.

This project had the unique challenge of going under a railroad and crossing a fiber optic line that is critical to the entire state of California. Cal Water coordinated with Union Pacific Railroad, Monterey County, the City of King City, West Valley Construction, and local property owners to use a jack-and-bore method for more than 100 feet of the project. This trenchless construction method allowed for the line to go under the railroad and fiber optic line without causing any disruption of their use.

"We would like to thank our customers and neighbors for their patience with us while we worked on this complex project," King City District Local Manager Marc Bloom said. "Our crews are committed to ensuring that a reliable supply of safe, clean water remains accessible to King City-area residents for their household needs and the emergency needs of first responders for decades to come."

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