Cal Water news release

Obras de mejora de la infraestructura en Stockton

Cal Water está realizando varias obras de actualización de la infraestructura que aumentarán la confiabilidad del suministro de agua y mejorarán la protección contra incendios en toda la zona de Stockton. Los proyectos incluyen la instalación de más de 15,000 pies de tubería principal nueva.

Residents may have noticed work in the following locations:

  • Charter Way/Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, from Center Street to California Street
  • Country Club Avenue, from Fraser to Franklin, including the residential neighborhood south of Country Club
  • Michigan and Monterey, from Mission Avenue to Pershing Avenue
  • Drake and Hinkley, from Horner Avenue to Main Street
  • Sonora Street, from Hunter Avenue to American
  • San Joaquin Street, from Washington to Church, including smaller portions of Sutter and California streets
  • Jackson and Clay, from Harrison Street to El Dorado Street
  • Harding Way, from Pilgrim to Wilson Way

"These infrastructure improvements help Cal Water maintain a reliable water supply for both everyday and emergency needs, while also preventing water loss from aging pipes," said Jeremiah Mecham, Stockton District Manager. "We appreciate our customers, neighbors, and motorists for their patience as we complete these projects."

As these projects have spanned many areas, Cal Water also appreciates the cooperation of multiple agencies, including City of Stockton, San Joaquin County Public Works, Caltrans, and OmniTrax railroad.

Excavación de construcción en Stockton Laying pavement in Stockton