Cal Water news release

Los informes anuales de calidad del agua ya están disponibles

Jarra y vaso con aguaPara que los residentes y las empresas sepan cómo es el suministro de agua local, Cal Water invita a sus clientes a consultar su informe anual de confianza del consumidor (CCR). Customers can now find their 2022 CCRs, also known as water quality reports, plus obtain prior years' reports on the Water Quality Reports page.

The reports provide detailed information on the water supply, sustainability, testing, standards, and more for the previous year. Customers who do not have internet access may request a copy by contacting their local Cal Water office.

"Protecting our customers' health and safety is our highest priority, and the Consumer Confidence Reports are our way of being transparent about the quality of the water that our customers are drinking, cooking with, and using every day," said Sophie James, Chief Water Quality Officer Sophie James, noting that Cal Water met all primary and secondary standards. "Cal Water customers can rest assured knowing that we treat and test for hundreds of constituents, and that our water either met or surpassed all standards set by the state and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency last year."